Between Distant And Remote

Beacon Sound BNSD040
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Randall Taylor joins the Beacon Sound roster and graces us with his finest work yet, Between Distant And Remote. Taylor uses tape loops, guitar, field recordings, and electronic processing to pay homage to the paradox of memory and growth, creating a deeply immersive musical landscape in the process. The album is reflective of the artist’s move from Austin, Texas to lush, green Portland in 2018 and also represents a more intentional and layered recording process. Exploring narratives of longing, dislocation, and rediscovery, Between Distant And Remote invites you to dive in and break down the boundaries between yourself and the world around you, reaching into the past to deconstruct the present.

“As an artist, my medium of choice of is magnetic tape -- more specifically cassette tape loops. Cutting a length of recorder tape and splicing it to endlessly loop is a simple enough concept, and for the last 5 years I have been fascinated by their history, warmth, imperfections, and inherit nostalgia. By using them as a format to record and release music, as well as stand-alone sculptural sound pieces, I work to push the boundaries of magnetic tape into experimental audio/visual spectacles. I have showcased these magnetic tape loop pieces as live performances under the moniker Amulets, and as numerous solo exhibition art installations.” - Amulets

Amulets: Between Distant And Remote

Process Of Unlearning Amulets 2' 00''
North Coast, Falling Amulets 2' 00''
Where The Land Meets The Sea Amulets 2' 00''
No Signal Amulets 2' 00''
Feigning Night Amulets 2' 00''
Song Lake Amulets 2' 00''
Like Warm Air (We Rose) Amulets 2' 00''

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