Death Becomes Her

Hyperdub HBD042LP
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NON Worldwide co-founder Angel-Ho makes her debut on Hyperdub with Death Becomes Her. The 14-track release features guest appearances from K Rizz, Queezy and K-$, as well as production from Nunu, Baby Caramel, Bon, Gaika and, on the single ‘Like A Girl’, Nguzunguzu’s Asmara Maroof.Angel explains that the album is one of “emancipation and trans identity”, and is intended as a means of “killing the old self, and expressing a poetic way of assuming a new identity”.

Angel-Ho: Death Becomes Her

Business Angel-Ho 3' 24''
Drama Angel-Ho 3' 28''
Like A Girl feat K Rizz Angel-Ho 3' 11''
Jacomina Angel-Ho 3' 26''
Muse To You Angel-Ho 3' 15''
Good Friday Daddy feat Queezy Angel-Ho 2' 03''
Cupido Angel-Ho 1' 03''
Live Angel-Ho 4' 26''
Destify Angel-Ho 1' 57''
Pose Angel-Ho 3' 20''
Bussy Angel-Ho 2' 52''
Baby Tee feat K$ Angel-Ho 3' 24''
Like That Angel-Ho 1' 50''
Parachute Angel-Ho 3' 30''

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