Anna Makirere

Tiare Avatea

Little Axe LA015
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The lone recordings of teenaged vocalist ANNA MAKIRERE of Rarotonga, Cook Islands. Sung in close harmony in Maori Kuki Airan, Tiare Avatea pairs Makirere’s casual yet masterful vocalizations with virtuoso accompanists. Somewhere between slack-key and flat-picked, the brilliant guitar work is seasoned tastefully with sunburned effects. Translating literally to “Afternoon Flower,” this radiant collection of originals and traditionals was issued regionally on cassette in 1981. It remains a unique look into Cook Islands sound and style.

Anna Makirere: Tiare Avatea

Tiare Avatea Anna Makirere 3' 44''
Little Girl Anna Makirere 4' 18''
E Avatea E Anna Makirere 4' 39''
Kua Inangaro Anna Makirere 3' 32''
Puara Marumaru Anna Makirere 4' 24''
Kua Tae Te Ora Anna Makirere 2' 55''
Peu Tupuna Anna Makirere 3' 07''
Aue Te Aroa Anna Makirere 3' 21''
Uuna Koe Anna Makirere 3' 24''
Taku Mama Anna Makirere 4' 44''
Tupu Ra Anna Makirere 2' 50''
Oro Ra Anna Makirere 3' 07''

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