Ant Orange


Karaoke Kalk Kalk 098 EP
  • EP: Disco Sleeve
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Following his 2015 self-titled release, Ant Orange is back with another groove-laden 12" on Karaoke Kalk. "Arkupe" is a prime slice of laid-back beats and bass-heavy jazz breaks.

Each track oozes soulfulness, from the smooth-as-silk Fender Rhodes on the opening title track to the downbeat afro rhythms of "Fog Walk", and the nonchalant guitar riffs and synth lines on "Little Wing". Side 1 closes with "Feld", a sun-drenched slo-mo house jam.

Side 2 presents another handful of diverse Ant Orange cuts, starting with the more uptempo toe-tapper "Big Lil's". "LB" offers more tasty jazz-n-bass drumming, while the closing track "My Man" has a breezy still-awake-on-Sunday swagger.

With his latest 12" on Karaoke Kalk, Ant Orange shows the wide range of styles he has to offer. "Arkupe" is loaded with some of the mellowest vibes you're likely to hear all year.

Ant Orange: Arkupe

Arkupe Ant Orange 2' 52''
Fog Walk Ant Orange 3' 20''
Little Wing Ant Orange 3' 13''
Feld Ant Orange 3' 39''
Big Lil's Ant Orange 6' 18''
LB Ant Orange 4' 46''
My Man Ant Orange 2' 16''

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