Apfelsin Bros.

Picture Book

Anost Books AB001 BK+5'' Vinyl
  • Book: ISBN 978-3-943482-00-3
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Sindri from Sin Fang and Seabear and Örvar from Múm are good friends. They are tattoo buddies. They are football chums. They have travelled all over the world together in a tour bus. It's about time they made a book together. There is something similar about how these boys paint the world. There is a certain crudeness to their aesthetic unravellings, one could liken it to pancreas surgery performed with a spoon. And however colorful, lighthearted and festive their drawings, music or jokes are, there is always a certain self-reflexivity to what they spew. And to chart and map the reoccurring themes of the book, they have included a song. In two parts. It's a jolly romper.

This book contains 80 pages of drawings and it's covered in orange linen weave. Including a 5'' vinyl with digital download code of a collaborative song. Limited to 1000 copies.

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