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2016 reissue of an earlier album by Apparat, aka Berlin's Sascha Ring, who's also singing in Moderat, originally released in 2007.

"Apparat has had one hell of a year. His collaboration with Ellen Allien, the critically acclaimed album Orchesta of Bubbles, forged electrifying new connections between techno, electro and pop music. They developed the material into an electrifying live show that wowed clubs and festival audiences the world over. Apparat kept honing his solo show at the same time, delivering a powerful electro/techno laptop attack that would leave crowds twitching in its wake. And somewhere, in between all those activities, he managed to record Walls, his first solo studio album since 2003's Duplex. Despite its title, Walls isn't about dividing lines. Instead, it describes a circle that pulls many elements together into a protected, enclosed space where they jostle and roam free: strings and mallet instruments; rock guitar and gravelly sawtooth synths; stuttering digital percussion and muscular studio drumming."

Apparat: Walls

Not A Number Apparat 03' 59''
Hailin From The Edge Apparat 03' 39''
Useless Information Apparat 04' 04''
Limelight Apparat 04' 12''
Holdon Apparat 04' 10''
Fractales Pt. 1 Apparat 03' 34''
Fractales Pt. 2 Apparat 02' 06''
Birds Apparat 05' 03''
Arcadia (Album Version) Apparat 05' 10''
You Don’t Know Me Apparat 04' 24''
Headup Apparat 05' 06''
Over And Over Apparat 05' 07''
Like Porcelain Apparat 09' 19''

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