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Soulquencies is a perfect harmony of deconstructed soundsystem music, beautifully rebuilt with ambient textures, hints of grime, steppers while all the time melodious, musical and underpinned with bass weight. It perfectly transcends from clean and heavenly harmonies to bass weight and grit, icy to warm in a masterful way. This is the frst full length album on Scrub a Dub and we couldn't be prouder of this piece of music, which is equally at home on the soundsystem or the home Hi Fi. Aquarius - Soulquencies is the latest project from Chikuma Tsuboi who has fallen under various monikers over the years. A classically trained musician hailing from Tokyo, Chikuma moved to the party city of Glasgow in the early 2000's. There he was fully immersed and became instrumental in the music scene hosting some of the cities earliest dubstep nights bringing artists like Silkie and Goth Trad. He helped take small basement sessions to the larger clubs supporting the likes of Mala at the Art School. He played some of the earliest Outlook festival parties and was a tour engineer for Mungo's Hi Fi before returning to Tokyo to complete his Soulquencies project which has literally been years in the making.

Aquarius: Soulquencies

Cresent Aquarius 00' 00''
Triplet Aquarius 00' 00''
Gatekeeper Aquarius 00' 00''
Sway Aquarius 00' 00''
Merchant Aquarius 00' 00''
Wow Aquarius 00' 00''

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