Rites Of Uncovering

Thrill Jockey Thrill 180-LP
  • LP: Includes download, incl. insert, 2017 reissue
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Rites of Uncovering, Arbouretum’s Thrill Jockey debut, is an album of broad scope, musically, lyrically and texturally. This first time vinyl re-issue is released to coincide with the album’s 10th anniversary and Thrill Jockey ‘s 25th anniversary.

“Like Jerry Garcia circa 1972, Heumann crested the rhythm section, pulling his out t through thundering rock and scorching noise” - Pitchfork

Arbouretum: Rites Of Uncovering

Signposts and Instruments Arbouretum 3' 44''
Tonight's a Jewel Arbouretum 3' 23''
Pale Rider Blues Arbouretum 8' 49''
Ghosts of Here and There Arbouretum 3' 45''
Sleep of Shiloam Arbouretum 7' 56''
Mohammed's Hex and Bounty Arbouretum 3' 37''
The Rise Arbouretum 11' 12''
Two Moons Arbouretum 5' 22''

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