Arthur Russell

Calling Out Of Context

Audika AU 1001 LP
  • 2LP: 2015 Vinyl Re-Issue.
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The compilations that started the renaissance. In 2002, Audika Records entered into an exclusive licensing agreement with the estate of ARTHUR RUSSELL to compile and issue previously unreleased and out of print material from Arthur’s vast archive. This first album Calling Out Of Context, features 12 previously unreleased tracks of Buddhist Bubblegum Alt Disco Pop recorded during Arthur’s prime years 1985-90.

Arthur Russell: Calling Out Of Context

The Deer In The Forest Part 1 Arthur Russell 1' 35''
The Platform On The Ocean Arthur Russell 8' 05''
You And Me Both Arthur Russell 3' 45''
Calling Out Of Context Arthur Russell 5' 46''
Arm Around You Arthur Russell 6' 32''
That's Us Wild Combination Arthur Russell 6' 59''
Make 1,2 Arthur Russell 2' 50''
Hop On Down Arthur Russell 6' 03''
Get Around To It Arthur Russell 4' 59''
I Like You! Arthur Russell 5' 01''
You Can Make Me Feel Bad Arthur Russell 1' 29''
Calling All Kids Arthur Russell 7' 16''

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