Asher Levitas

Lit Harness

Planet Mu ZIQ379LP
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Asher Levitas' brilliant debut starts off with dark cutting edge tunes (think Tri Angle, think a grumpy Arca) but then turns into something more calm. There's even some moments of ambientish pop here (Blessed Mother) before in the end Levitas turns to instrumental grime productions. Even if this record displays atmospheres in the first place, Levitas has put a lot of work in the detailed production, and what happens beneath the surface makes Lit Harness an unsettling beast of an album.

Asher Levitas: Lit Harness

Withdrawn Asher Levitas
In The Eyes Asher Levitas
Sheathe Asher Levitas
Waiting By An Open Door Asher Levitas
Strongest Bonds Asher Levitas
Blessed Mother Asher Levitas
Premature Exit Asher Levitas
Anticipating Violence Asher Levitas

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