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Fabio Perletta and Asmus Tietchens' hermetic micro-cosmos of Deflections unfolds by exploring instability and physical decay of sound. Built upon liminal forms and atonal passages, the six near-silent pieces of the work traverse empty space by means of elementary sonic emissions and drifting nano-structures. Among sound collisions and evanescent masses, the almost immaterial yet corporeal nature of Deflections, embodies sound in its most subliminal and contradictory form.

Asmus Tietchens + Fabio Perletta: Deflections

Deflection 1 Fabio Perletta + Asmus Tietchens 6' 01''
Deflection 2 Fabio Perletta + Asmus Tietchens 8' 28''
Deflection 3 Fabio Perletta + Asmus Tietchens 2' 52''
Deflection 4 Fabio Perletta + Asmus Tietchens 6' 58''
Deflection 5 Fabio Perletta + Asmus Tietchens 11' 07''
Deflection 6 Fabio Perletta + Asmus Tietchens 7' 47''

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