Astral Social Club

Generator Breaker

Dekorder Dekorder055LP
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A new Astral Social Club album is always a highlight of the year and "Generator Breaker" is no exception. Neil Campbell is one of the veterans of the British DIY/Drone/Noise scene and with ASC he has slowly formulated his very own and unique musical universe, akin to the psychedelic visions of his contemporaries and sometimes collaborators Sunroof! and Vibracathedral Orchestra but with a more electronic, less rock-influenced approach, instead aiming towards a heavily layered techno-infused space drone whirl.

"Generator Breaker" is Campbell's 2nd album for Dekorder after last year's highly acclaimed Iibiis Rooge collaboration with High Wolf and it's certainly one of his most magic and refined releases, combing through tremolo heaven, cat purr/classical music cut-ups, shuffle techno battling against high-pitched tones, harmonic kraut-infused electronica, distorted in-the-red hymnic quasi-techno anthems, twisted rhythmic noises that wouldn't sound out of place on a Black Dice record and heavenly music of the spheres.

Astral Social Club: Generator Breaker

Generator Astral Social Club 7' 45''
Purring Astral Social Club 1' 55''
Churl Astral Social Club 6' 02''
Balloom Astral Social Club 4' 29''
Wishaw Astral Social Club 7' 02''
Splashdown Astral Social Club 5' 55''
Breaker Astral Social Club 4' 46''

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