Not Not Fun NNF 354 MC
  • MC: Pro-dubbed marbled-gold tapes, double-sided full color J-card
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Oblique Russian sound strategist Natalia Salmina’s latest forking path portfolio as Atariame, Voiceless, arose in the wake of a dissociative relocation to Moscow, where she found herself adrift amidst a manic metropolis, alone in a skyscraper staring out at trees: “It made me lose faith in my ability to communicate, in my ideas about life.” Days without speaking turned to weeks. Even in private she felt estranged from her voice, and soon ceased singing.

For solace she turned to her Waldorf Blofeld, mining its panoramic frequencies to craft a shivering suite of futurist-noir nocturnes and rhythmic noise vignettes, equal parts exorcism and manifestation, desperation and delirium. Track titles hint at the headspace – “Outside At 5 AM,” “Same Thought All Day,” “Stay Late” – mirroring the music’s mood of hoods up, headphones on, wandering empty urban tunnels under flickering streetlights. Enigmatically, Salmina slips in a sliver of spectral voice on the intro and exit songs (“Breathe Exercise” and “Deconstruction”), framing them as induction into and escape from the cryptic isolationist condition of the rest of the collection. Mastered by P. Nikolsky, Powerhouse Moscow. Design by Britt Brown.

Atariame: Voiceless

Breath Exercise Atariame 1' 30''
Lost In A Forest Atariame 1' 30''
Mood Swings Atariame 1' 30''
Outside At 5 AM Atariame 1' 30''
Same Thought All Day Atariame 1' 30''
Green Trees Violet Sky Atariame 1' 30''
Desk Lamp Atariame 1' 10''
Stay Late Atariame 52''
Split Atariame 1' 30''
Not Today Atariame 1' 30''
Deconstruction Atariame 1' 30''

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