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Ido’ is the debut release of Atonet, solo moniker of Stockholm-based composer and musician Linus Hillborg. Drifting between harmonic drones and faded rhythms, his works possess a cinematic quality, much like a soundtrack to an imaginary film. As the album progresses, the detuned synth chords and melodic arpeggiations evoke subtle emotions, unveiling a narrative where the listener shapes the storyline.

Atonet: Ido

City in the Sky Atonet 05' 34''
Angel Born Again Atonet 05' 44''
Spine Hustle Atonet 04' 15''
Reality Crumbles Atonet 04' 13''
Cold Tuned Assembly Atonet 02' 50''
Alhambra Atonet 06' 46''
Day of Retribution Atonet 04' 11''
Zenith of Things Atonet 03' 49''
Another Childhood Atonet 02' 32''

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