NTS Session 2

Warp Records WARPLP364-2
  • 3LP: Includes download, 3LP in printed inners sleeves in wide spine printed outer sleeve.
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Individual Session LP's.

NTS Sessions was originally aired as part of a month-long residency at NTS Radio through the month of April and featured eight hours of new music across four shows.

Autechre: NTS Session 2

elyc9 7hres Autechre
six of eight (midst) Autechre
xflood Autechre
gonk tuf hi Autechre
dummy casual pt2 Autechre
violvoic Autechre
sinistrailAB air Autechre
wetgelis casual interval Autechre
e0 Autechre
peal MA Autechre
9 chr0 Autechre
turbile epic casual, stpl idle Autechre

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