Electro-Soma II

Warp Records WARPLP9X
  • 2LP: Includes download, Gatefold, poster, blavk vinyl
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A specially compiled companion volume to the reissue of Electro-Soma, an album compiled predominantly from early 12”s on the seminal B12 Records label by mysterious pseudonyms such as Musicology, Redcell and Cmetric. This sequel delves further into the B12 vaults, containing deep cuts and sought after rarities, including some tracks making their first appearance on vinyl. Remastered from original sources. Insert contains track-by-track annotation by B12 alongside archival photos and memorabilia. Contains DL card.

B12: Electro-Soma II

Debris B12 00' 00''
Ecliptic B12 00' 00''
Ming B12 00' 00''
Bubbles B12 00' 00''
Kaxaia-80 B12 00' 00''
Satori B12 00' 00''
Paradroid B12 00' 00''
Transient Pathways B12 00' 00''
Fear Of Expression B12 00' 00''
Go With The Hiss B12 00' 00''
Eiyla B12 00' 00''
Static Emotion B12 00' 00''

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