Basic Rhythm

Slewage (Rabit Remix)

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Killer ’nuum ballistics from Anthony J Hart (Imaginary Forces), back in Basic Rhythm mode with a trio of hungry hardcore mutations pressed loud and punchy AF for the DJs, with remix reinforcement/inversion from his North American alibi, Rabit.

Acting as if there was some unfinished business left over from his cracking Raw Trax LP, this platter acts as a sort of resolution; in-your-face proof that Hart is hurling out some of the fiercest reductions of UK rufige styles right now.

Slewage is the run-off of 20 odd years in front of the bassbins and behind the decks on pirate radio and X amount of raves, like the residual effluence of jungle, dark garage and dubstep reanimated like some concre`te golem that’s gagging for a gary and a good mash up.

The title track comes spoiling for it with speaker-worrying levels of scything halfstep patterns punctured by dancehall declamations, rinsing a paucity of elements for kernels of brutalist truth in a way that also provides the backbone to the ravenous slaughter of Bombastic Plastic - a very strong nod to OG breakstep and DMZ’s B - whilst The Curse rolls out at full stretch with scabrous proto-grime drums balanced by a skinny but crucial lick of pensive strings.

On the remix Rabit goes into freefall mode, channelling Slewage into a mazy K-hole of masticated soundsystem samples and anti-peristaltic wretch that sounds sod all like the original, might as well be another OG Rabit ace.

Basic Rhythm: Slewage (Rabit Remix)

Slewage Basic Rhythm 2' 00''
Slewage (Rabits Burial Ground Remix) Basic Rhythm 2' 00''
Bombastic Plastic Basic Rhythm 1' 00''
The Curse Basic Rhythm 1' 00''

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