Baudouin De Jaer

4 Geomungo Sanjo Vol II

Sub Rosa SR470
  • CD: 4 page digipack + 16 page booklet
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New compositions for ancient Korean instrument: the Geomungo. Follow-up to Baudouin de Jaer's highly-acclaimed Compositions for Geomungo and Gayageum (SR 373CD, 2012). Baudouin de Jaer tells... his large hands stir the air, drawing soft and assured lines, they connect distant planets and micro-particles in a space that does not exist yet. There is the encounter with the Geomungo. a traditional Korean instrument, the geomungo is an ancient table zither, an improbable association of wood and tense strings, with sounds in turn soft, brutal, limpid, rough, mute, and light. It is the voice that imposes itself and guides us through the worlds. Baudouin de Jaer takes you irresistibly, back and forth, from the deepest of oneself to the universality of life. Four-panel digipack with 16-page booklet.

Baudouin de Jaer is a composer and violinist. Baudouin de Jaer studied composition with Philippe Boesmans, Henri Pousseur, Frederic Rzewski and at McGill University (Montréal) with Bruce Mather. He composes for the Korean instruments Daegeum, Haegeum, Gayageum, and Geomungo, and for orchestras of Korean traditional instruments. In 2010 he resolved the enigmatic music system of Swiss artist Adolf Wölfli and released a CD called The Heavenly Ladder on Sub Rosa (SR 312CD, 2011). In 2010, Baudouin de Jaer was awarded a prize from the National Gugak Center for his Gayageum compositions.

Baudouin De Jaer: 4 Geomungo Sanjo Vol II

Lion dance Baudouin De Jaer 15' 15''
Chanson Cubique Baudouin De Jaer 15' 16''
De Deur Baudouin De Jaer 3' 06''
Gyeongpungnyeon Baudouin De Jaer 11' 14''
The Rite Of Spring Baudouin De Jaer 13' 11''

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