October Language

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  • LP: Includes download, DL code includes 3 bonus tracks
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"October Language" is the debut album by New Orleans based duo Belong, comprised of Turk Dietrich and Mike Jones.

Since it's release in early 2006, Belongs debut masterpiece has accumulated a dedicated cult following, with comparisons to the work of Christian Fennesz and Gas, with some claims that it plays like My Bloody Valentine's "Loveless" sans the songs. While these comparisons are useful for filing this album into a particular bin in the record shop, time has proven that "October Language" is a unique album which remains unmatched by its contemporaries.

Despite the warm and welcome accolades of the albums arrival, there was no vinyl pressing until 2009, of which a limited one-time pressing vanished immediately. Spectrum Spools is pleased to present a pristine vinyl cut to go with reimagined album art for the definitive edition of this legendary classic.

* Physical copies include a download card with 3 extra tracks from the impossibly rare Tour EP from the same era. These tracks are exclusive to the vinyl purchase and are not available through digital outlets:

A Sunny Place for Shady People (5:54)
Vowel (7:42)
Continuous Drift (8:24)

Belong: October Language

I Never Lose. Never Really Belong 4' 43''
Red Velvet Or Nothing Belong 5' 40''
October Language Belong 5' 30''
I'm Too Sleepy...Shall We Swim? Belong 5' 14''
Remove The Inside Belong 5' 59''
Who Told You This Room Exists? Belong 5' 05''
All Equal Now Belong 5' 31''
The Door Opens The Other Way Belong 7' 12''
A Sunny Place for Shady People (Digital Bonus) Belong 5' 54''
Vowel (Digital Bonus) Belong 7' 42''
Continuous Drift (Digital Bonus) Belong 8' 24''

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