Ben Shemie

A Skeleton

Hands In The Dark HITD 045
  • LP: Includes download, White vinyl edition, limited to 100 copies
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Hailing from Suuns, Canadian Ben Shemie offers up his first solo work, A Skeleton. An experimental pop album of cold synthetic sounds with touches of psychedelia.

Based on his live, itinerant experiments, the whole album was recorded in a single take with no overdub. Shemie has left traces of the atmosphere of each recording space, adding an element of chaos and unpredictability alongside his masterful/dexterous manipulation of the equipment.

The voices and instruments sound as if they were drawn from a not-too-distant future in which artificial intelligence has taken over human life and mutated into an artist. The album recounts the random wanderings and metaphysical rêveries of a skeleton - the fantasy muse of the machine, devoid of sex or race, a neutral entity.

The refined, minimal sonic narration is executed with astonishing precision and sensitivity. With A Skeleton, Shemie has definitely painted us a refreshing avant-garde picture.

Ben Shemie: A Skeleton

First Ben Shemie 00' 00''
Baby Blue Ben Shemie 00' 00''
A Skeleton Ben Shemie 00' 00''
Fourth Ben Shemie 00' 00''
Arms Down Ben Shemie 00' 00''
Sixth Ben Shemie 00' 00''
Lust Ben Shemie 00' 00''
Differently Ben Shemie 00' 00''
I Know You Feel The Same Ben Shemie 00' 00''
Do Do Do Ben Shemie 00' 00''

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