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"It's rare that I'm able to give an album my fullest recommendation without trepidation. (...) Bersarin Quartett is one such album. There's nary a misstep, every potential danger has been avoided and smoothed out to present the optimal audio experience for your dollar. (...) Something this good can't possibly be real." The Silent Ballet (8.5/ 10)

"So yes, references to Stars Of The Lid, Ulver's Perdition City, Bohren & Der Club Of Gore and Cinematic Orchestra are fully justified. (...) An excellent debut album, great for nocturnal couch consumption, closing your eyes and dreaming away. (...) Slickly produced without becoming empty chillout fastfood, Bersarin Quartett does what it promises and does it well and a recommendation for everyone into the bands I mentioned earlier." Musique Machine (5/ 5)

"This music could be written on a lonely island or onboard of a spaceship looking on our planet. Time becomes a new unit and feelings become more weight. This is a real great album that owns a special atmosphere and a nonesuch orchestral sound. Wonderful tracks with wonderful titles that leave the listener with a feeling of freedom and contentment. A wonderful perfect 10." Cuemix (10/ 10)

"Mission erfüllt, genau so sollten solche Soundtrack-Sounds funktionieren, die da anknüpfen, wo handgemachter Post-Metal aufhört, jenseits aller Ambient-Kitsches und ohne nervige Beats." OX

"Make no mistake, Bersarin Quartett is an incredible release in the electronica world, but one that fans of many other genres will enjoy." Sputnikmusic (4,5/ 5)

Bersarin Quartett: Bersarin Quartett

Oktober Bersarin Quartett 6' 27''
Geschichten Von Interesse Bersarin Quartett 4' 56''
Inversion Bersarin Quartett 5' 42''
St. Petersburg Bersarin Quartett 5' 16''
Und Die Welt Steht Still Bersarin Quartett 8' 52''
Die Dinge Sind Nie So Wie Sie Sind Bersarin Quartett 8' 05''
Nachtblind Bersarin Quartett 4' 04''
Es Kann Nicht Ewig Winter Sein Bersarin Quartett 4' 28''
Endlich Am Ziel Bersarin Quartett 4' 39''
Mehr Als Alles Andere Bersarin Quartett 5' 49''

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