Bert Jansch

It Don't Bother Me

Superior Viaduct SV122LP
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2016 Reissue. Bert Jansch recorded his second album in 1965, just after his self-titled debut earlier that same year. The sessions were a step-up from the intimate, field-recording setting of his first album, although still not labored over too much in the studio.

Bert Jansch: It Don't Bother Me

Oh My Babe Bert Jansch
Ring-A-Ding Bird Bert Jansch
Tinker's Blues Bert Jansch
Anti Apartheid Bert Jansch
The Wheel Bert Jansch
A Man I'd Rather Be Bert Jansch
My Lover Bert Jansch
It Don't Bother Me Bert Jansch
Harvest Your Thoughts Of Love Bert Jansch
Lucky Thirteen Bert Jansch
As The Day Grows Longer Now Bert Jansch
So Long Bert Jansch
Want My Daddy Now Bert Jansch
900 Miles Bert Jansch

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