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Counterforce, the crowning new release of mentation electronics from Black Mecha (masterminded by Fortress Crookedjaw of Wold), provides raw beats and hooks, alongside reflexive black laser rays, cumulating in a sci-fi themed conceptual rhythm music for your mind / body. The visual art, adorned on the front and back cover, provides advanced actualization of Internal Masonry S. Star Sigil rumination-emanation-metaphor technique, which encompasses special geometric-based inner space / mind constellation illustrations.

Black Mecha: Counterforce

Counterforce Black Mecha
Mobile Anzug Damgun Black Mecha
Inner Star War Black Mecha
Interregnum Black Mecha
Non-force Sensitive Black Mecha
Five Point Badge Black Mecha
Archetypo Black Mecha
Actual Edge Black Mecha
Victory Black Mecha Black Mecha
Axis E Black Mecha

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