Portal Of Hope

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Slippery 6-track expansion pack to AFK & Bludwork’s banging wax debut, Loyalty N Service, finds the pair flexing further spheres of smokescreen house, busted bounce, and dream sequence R&B, both together and solo. Portal Of Hope captures the casual cold flow of drum machine synergy, afterhours bass, rooftop reverie, heads in a cloud, pathfinding the dance floor. Two tracks showcase Blud’s recent forays into cloaked vocal modes but the rest are instrumentals: stripped back, funked forward, and zoned to the speaker cone. Hope springs eternal. Mastered by Matt Tammariello.

Bludwork: Portal Of Hope

Eight Six Bludwork 1' 30''
Two Ends Meet Bludwork 1' 30''
Obsidian Bludwork 1' 30''
Reverie Bludwork 1' 30''
Venomous Warmth Bludwork 1' 30''
Pathfinder 2 Bludwork 1' 30''

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