Body San


100% Silk SILK 107
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Reigning vibe-wave don of the City of Roses returns to the SILK chalet bearing four fresh afterhours anthems ripe for repeat rinsing. Midnight takes its name from Body San’s special-ordered strain of Nag Champa, and exudes a similar air of nocturnal promise, streetlights reflected in glass brick fountains and condominium windows. Brandon Knocke’s knack for Memphis design funk and skymall fusion hits an apex here, flexing a full spectrum of rhythmic reveries: fluid, jazzy, joyous, sensous. Song to song and side to side Midnight flaunts a panoramic rooftop view of leather interiors, fern-accented foyers, and supreme motion software. Midnight is 12 AM, 12 inches of bump ‘n’ bounce ‘n’ body euphoria, music for low lit silhouettes unified in emotional response. Somewhere a clock strikes, a ball drops, and day turns to dawn.

Recorded and mixed by Brandon Knocke in Portland, Oregon. Mastered by Eric Hanson in Los Angeles, California. Design by Britt Brown.

Body San: Midnight

Metro Overhead Body San 1' 30''
M. Baysden Body San 1' 30''
EZ Spirits Body San 1' 30''
Sundress Beverage Body San 1' 30''

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