Boy Robot

Rotten Cocktails

City Centre Offices Towerblock CD 028
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The way Boy Robot merge their unique approach towards melody and sound with sometimes straight, sometimes dreamy beats converts every dancefloor into a mosh-pit of the freshest electronica you have ever heard.

Boy Robot: Rotten Cocktails

Magic Toys For Girls And Boys Boy Robot 04' 24''
Invaders Of Vanity Clubland Boy Robot 05' 20''
We Accept All Our Parents Credit Cards Boy Robot 04' 40''
Sweet Honeybee Of Infinity Boy Robot 05' 35''
Bass & Booze Boy Robot 04' 48''
Live In Vanilla Boy Robot 05' 28''
Super Scorer Boy Robot 04' 42''
Asthmatic Detroit Car Boy Robot 04' 50''
Bonjour Frisur Boy Robot 05' 00''

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