Brecht Ameel

Ghost Tropic OST

Hands In The Dark HITD 051
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Ghost Tropic is first and foremost the name of the third feature from acclaimed Belgian writer-director Bas Devos. The film tells the story of Khadija, a middle-aged cleaner who has no other option but to walk home through Brussels on a cold night after falling asleep on the last train. The journey is a reflection on motherhood and expectations, pride and unknown struggles, stories of the ghostly magic of a lonely night in a big city, of the kindness of strangers and the hurt felt seeing the vulnerability of someone you love.

Brecht Ameel, from the band Razen, uses his classical guitar training and his experience with various string instruments to craft a beautiful soundtrack of minimal ambient acoustic music. The Belgian musician’s intention was to create music that would be a warm blanket for the nocturnal odyssey of Khadija. A melody and rhythm to accompany her walk through the cold night, a sort of guiding light.

Ghost Tropic was premiered at the 2019 Cannes Film Festival and is set to be released on 1st January 2020. The accompanying soundtrack recording is out 2 days later.

Brecht Ameel: Ghost Tropic OST

Khadija's Theme 1 Brecht Ameel 3' 52''
Ghost Tropic Brecht Ameel 1' 09''
Khadija's Theme 2 Brecht Ameel 3' 01''
Villa - Hospital Brecht Ameel 1' 57''
Ghost Tropic End Titles Brecht Ameel 4' 09''
Teirlinck Brecht Ameel 4' 26''
H. Debroux Brecht Ameel 1' 52''
Westland Brecht Ameel 2' 06''
Tropic Time Brecht Ameel 2' 23''
Congress Brecht Ameel 2' 20''
Molenbeek - Anderlecht Brecht Ameel 2' 13''
Tropico Fantasma Brecht Ameel 2' 56''

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