Tender Buttons

Warp Records WARPLP136R
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2015 Repress!

Returning after a two year absence, this LP saw a new sound for the band and a new line up of just Keenan and James Cargill. Stripped down to these essential components, they sought inspiration from minimalist post-punk outfits like Young Marble Giants and created a record of pop melodies that maintained the signature Broadcast feeling of melodrama and despondency. Having lost a third member in the run-up to this album, track 11 is entitled Minus 3 and further demonstrates Broadcast?s ability to bring real life experiences to record in inventive and effective ways. The stark minimalism of Tender Buttons was a first for Broadcast but their enduring melodies triumphed once again.

Broadcast: Tender Buttons

I Found The F Broadcast
Black Cat Broadcast
Tender Buttons Broadcast
America's Boy Broadcast
Tears In The Typing Pool Broadcast
Corporeal Broadcast
Bit 35 Broadcast
Arc Of A Journey Broadcast
Michael A Grammar Broadcast
Subject To the Ladder Broadcast
Minus 3 Broadcast
Goodbye Girls Broadcast
You And Me In Time Broadcast
I Found The End Broadcast

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