The Future Crayon

Warp Records WARPLP146R
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2015 Reissue!

A compendium of early EP tracks and B-sides, along with rare compilation tracks that plays through like a concise summary of their music to date. Through the deeply intricate orchestral compositions and the unmistakably glassy vocal work of Trish Keenan, this treasure chest is the perfect introduction to Broadcast's singular form of indie electronica. Cuts like Illumination and Unchanging Window embody their fusion of melancholia and unease. Even the more ambient instrumentally-led cuts like Locusts and DDL carry that same sense of exploratory symphony. Always delivered with a streak of honest pathos and emotional authenticity, this is a collection of gems from Broadcast's prolific output.

Broadcast: The Future Crayon

Illumination Broadcast
Still Feels Like Tears Broadcast
Small Song IV Broadcast
Where Youth And Laughter Go Broadcast
One Hour Empire Broadcast
Distant Call Broadcast
Poem Of Dead Song Broadcast
Hammer Without A Master Broadcast
Locusts Broadcast
Chord Simple Broadcast
Daves Dream Broadcast
DDL Broadcast
Test Area Broadcast
Unchanging Window Chord Simple Broadcast
A Man For Atlantis Broadcast
Minus Two Broadcast
Violent Playground Broadcast
Belly Dance Broadcast

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