Bronze Teeth

A Waif's Rent

Diagonal Diagonal 011
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London label Diagonal continue their swerve into caustic dancefloor territory with the debut pair of 12” releases from Bronze Teeth. Their extended technoid grooves perfectly match the project’s name - they’re tough, hard-edged and intricately sculpted for tensile strength and visceral impact.

Traces of the sounds that feed into Bronze Teeth can be heard in the duo’s individual projects. Dominic Butler is one-third of Factory Floor, the London-based trio renowned for their wiry, dynamic live shows; his modular electronics are an integral component in that band’s devastating cocktails of Morse code electronic blips, drum and guitar. Richard Smith meanwhile, records as L/F/D/M, and debuted with a scintillating clutch of acid tracks on Optimo Music in 2013.

Bronze Teeth offers them free rein to explore their own interests in sound, and in particular the potential for chaotic interaction between metallic programmed rhythms and the fleshy pulses of the human body. A Waif’s Rent opens hard with ‘Albion Pressure’ ushered in by a cloud of distortion and teeming particulate matter. It gathers momentum and fury as it plays, scuttling forward like a column of ants. On the flipside ‘Cut Bronze and ‘Tephra’ hew stark funk from woody drums, tellingly akin in mood and effect to recent Diagonal releases from Powell and Russell Haswell.

Bronze Teeth: A Waif's Rent

Albion Pressure Bronze Teeth 12' 54''
Cut Bronze Bronze Teeth 6' 20''
Tephra Bronze Teeth 4' 10''

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