• LP: Heavy cardboard sleeve, new liner notes. Ships August 29
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Bruno Spoerri's masterpiece VOICE OF TAURUS LP available for the first time on vinyl since 1978. Bruno Spoerri who came to recent attention over his sampling dispute with Lay Z and Timbaland (that he won) plays the 1978 cult classic The Sounds Of The UFOs live at the bluedot Festival (in conjuction with Finders Keepers) wich together with our equally cult classic companion Voice Of Taurus are to be reissued here now! - For fans of electronic music, jazz, early techno , movie soundtracks, library music, cosmic oddities, ambient, sci-fi disco, synthesizers, Pierre Schaeffer, Pierre Henry, Wendy Carlos, Nino Nardini, Yello, Encounter of the Third Kind, UFOs, meditation, and unknown galaxies. Tracklisting: A1 Hymn Of Taurus (Taurus Is Calling You!) A2 Galactic Acid A3 Saucers Over Montreux A4 Hallo World A5 Méditation B1 Space Cantata B2 Cosmotoxology B3 Saxellite B4 Quiet High We Release Whatever The Fuck We Want Records is overjoyed to announce the reissue of highly sought-after electronic/sci-fi disco/proto-techno/ambient masterpiece VOICE OF TAURUS by Swiss music pioneer and synth super wizard Bruno Spoerri, available on vinyl for the first time since 1978, housed in a 350g jacket and packed with all new liner notes. Surrounded with a formidable family of legendary synthesizers, primitive modulators, and audio gear transformed and customized à la Spoerri, armed with an extraordinary talent for improvisation, and deeply inspired by the likes of Wendy Carlos, Pierre Schaeffer, and the then freshly released Close Encounter of the Third Kind, Bruno Spoerri envisioned VOICE OF TAURUS as "electronic pop conceived using an experimental and jazz approach".

Bruno Spoerri: Voice Of Taurus

Hymn Of Taurus (Taurus Is Calling You!) Bruno Spoerri 1' 26''
Galactic Acid Bruno Spoerri 2' 00''
Saucers Over Montreux Bruno Spoerri 2' 00''
Hallo World Bruno Spoerri 2' 00''
Meditation Bruno Spoerri 2' 00''
Space Cantata Bruno Spoerri 2' 00''
Cosmotoxology Bruno Spoerri 2' 00''
Saxellite Bruno Spoerri 2' 00''
Quiet High Bruno Spoerri 2' 00''

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