Hyperdub HDBLP001
  • 2LP: Includes download, 2016 reissue, contains also the ambient tracks, 180gr vinyl
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Burial is the eponymous debut album by the dubstep producer Burial. It was released in 2006 on Kode9's Hyperdub records to critical acclaim, including being named "Album of the Year" by The Wire magazine. It was also named the 25th best album of the decade by Resident Advisor, who called it "a revolutionary record in the way that it influenced dubstep sounds and reinvented 2-step for an entirely different generation". The album artwork is by Burial, and includes an aerial view of South London around the area of Wandsworth Prison and the intersection of Trinity Road and Windmill Road.

According to journalist Derek Walmsley:
“A melancholy tinge runs through the album, but the constant interplay of tension and calm, and of alienation and intimacy, offers the possibility of salvation around the next corner."

Burial: Burial

Untitled Burial 33''
Distant Lights Burial 5' 25''
Spaceape (feat. Spaceape) Burial 3' 00''
Wounder Burial 4' 50''
Night Bus Burial 2' 18''
Southern Comfort Burial 4' 59''
U Hurt Me Burial 5' 21''
Gutted Burial 4' 41''
Forgive Burial 3' 06''
Broken Home Burial 5' 03''
Prayer Burial 3' 43''
Pirates Burial 6' 09''
Untitled (2) Burial 52''

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