Time Flowing Backwards

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Originally released in 1991 on Homestead Records, Time Flowing Backwards, the debut album by New Zealand art rock outfit The Cakekitchen, coupling the entire self-titled EP material released by Flying Nun Records in 1989 along with 6 new songs recorded for the album. Mastered at Abbey Road by Steve Rooke (who would later remaster The Beatles catalog), this debut full length would go on to solidify and promote the growing underground New Zealand rock scene and spawn a generation of devoted followers of Jefferies’ exceedingly graceful, atmospheric, and poetic songs, led by Jefferies’ unmistakable commanding baritone voice.

A diverse and inspiring album, “Time Flowing Backwards” has been out of print and difficult to obtain since its original vinyl pressing in 1991. Dais Records is proud to reissue on vinyl in limited edition “Time Flowing Backwords” along with the The CakeKitchen’s sophomore LP (released the same year) “World of Sand”, in remastered editions of 500 copies making these albums available once again to old fans while introducing these classics to new listeners.

Multi-instrumentalist Graeme Jefferies is the given name of the fabled underground counterculture icon hailing from New Zealand, and his mainstay project, The Cakekitchen, has its roots firmly grounded in the pages of 1980’s New Zealand garage storybook which featured countless innovative artists, all of which huddled under the umbrella of labels such as Flying Nun Records and Homestead Records. After performing in the revered gothic punk act, Nocturnal Projections, and after the collapse of his previous Flying Nun group, This Kind of Punishment, The Cakekitchen emerged as an amalgamation of gloomy and introspective post-punk and indie, with a stronger focus on structured studio songwriting and thoughtful compositional approach - producing some of the most expressive and unique music to come out of New Zealand during the early 90’s.

“Cakekitchen promises a renewal of gloom, [but the] message is less mopey, more sophisticated, and closer to home.” - Spin

Cakekitchen: Time Flowing Backwards

Dave The Pimp Cakekitchen 00' 00''
Witness To Your Secrets Cakekitchen 00' 00''
Silence Of The Sirens Cakekitchen 00' 00''
Machines Cakekitchen 00' 00''
File Under Filed Cakekitchen 00' 00''
Airships Cakekitchen 00' 00''
Walked Over Texas Cakekitchen 00' 00''
One + One = One Cakekitchen 00' 00''
Is It Only Monday Cakekitchen 00' 00''
Boat To The Ceiling Cakekitchen 00' 00''

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