The Black Light (20th Anniversary Edition)

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  • 2LP (color): Includes download, Heavy 180g clear vinyl, gatefold cover with embossed silver logo, incl. large format 8 page booklet, incl. 11 bonus tracks on sides C and D
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The classic 1998 Calexico album 'The Black Light' is available as a 20th Anniversary double vinyl Edition incl. 11 bonus tracks, extensive liner notes (including insightful commentary from Joey Burns and John Convertino themselves), and alternative artwork by Victor Gastelum.

"The perfect soundtrack for a summer roadtrip in an old car across Death Valley. Calexico's musical textures are woven out of a dazzling array of instruments and styles, including mariachi trumpets, countrified pedal steel, Latin jazz percussion, and carnival organ, just to name a few. The songs move at siesta speed, casually looping and loping along, never getting overheated. Bandmates Joey Burns and John Convertino have their hands in so many musical pies--including projects with OP8, Giant Sand, Victoria Williams, Giant Sand, and Richard Buckner--one wonders how they find the time to create the sun-soaked music of Calexico. But thank God they have." - Tod Nelson

Bonus Vinyl

Side C
18. El Morro
19. Man Goes Where Water Flows
20. Glowing Heart Of The World
21. Too Much Sprawl
22. Rollbar

Side D
23. Minas De Cobre (Extend-o- mix)
24. Minas De Cobre (Spatial Mix)
25. Minas De Cobre (Acoustic Mix)
26. Lacquer
27. Drape
28. Bag Of Death

Calexico: The Black Light (20th Anniversary Edition)

Gypsy's Curse Calexico 00' 00''
Fake Fur Calexico 00' 00''
The Ride (part 2) Calexico 00' 00''
Where Water Flows Calexico 00' 00''
The Black Light Calexico 00' 00''
Sideshow Calexico 00' 00''
Chach Calexico 00' 00''
Missing Calexico 00' 00''
Minas De Cobre (For Better Metal) Calexico 00' 00''
Over Your Shoulder Calexico 00' 00''
Vinegaroon Calexico 00' 00''
Trigger Calexico 00' 00''
Sprawl Calexico 00' 00''
Stray Calexico 00' 00''
Old Man Waltz Calexico 00' 00''
Bloodflow Calexico 00' 00''
Frontera Calexico 00' 00''

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