Call Super


Houndstooth HTH080
  • 2LP: 180g vinyl, incl. printed inner sleeves
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Following 'Suzi Ecto', Call Super's new record 'Arpo' explores the boundaries of electronica and jazz in a collection of hard-to-categorize tracks, that are both disrupted and constantly flowing. Imagine a loopy hybrid of Jan Jelinek and Actress, mixed with some early UK IDM and a extra pinch of sugar. "Another mesmerizing environment of restless beauty that refuses to conform too much else beyond his own work, it affirms Call Super's place as one of the most remarkable contemporary musicians working today."

Call Super: Arpo

Arpo Call Super 59''
Korals Call Super 2' 32''
OK Werkmeister Call Super 2' 42''
Music Stand Call Super 5' 20''
Any Pill Call Super 1' 06''
Arpo Sunk Call Super 5' 23''
Ekko Ink Call Super 5' 56''
No Wonder We Go Under Call Super 4' 00''
I Look Like I Look in a Tinfoil Mirror Call Super 6' 51''
Trokel Call Super 5' 08''
Out To Rust Call Super 4' 44''

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