Our Love

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  • LP: Includes download, 180 gr vinyl
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Our Love is formed around a mixture of digital pop production, hip hop inspired beats, muted house bass lines and a love of shuffling garage that can be traced all the way back to the time of Start Breaking My Heart which are, of course, all filtered through Dan's own unique perspective. The warm analogue sounds of classic soul should not be overlooked either, for they weave themselves most intensely into the records DNA. In fact, Our Love is probably Caribou's most soulful record to date, chock-full of heartfelt lyrics and organic nature which cuts through bubbling synths and blissful euphoria of their synthetic constructions. The album features collaborations with Jessy Lanza and Owen Pallett.

Caribou: Our Love

Can't Do Without You Caribou 3' 56''
Silver Caribou 5' 17''
All I Ever Need Caribou 3' 53''
Our Love Caribou 5' 34''
Dive Caribou 2' 07''
Second Chance Caribou 4' 00''
Julia Brightly Caribou 2' 03''
Mars Caribou 5' 46''
Back Home Caribou 3' 33''
Your Love Will Set You Free Caribou 5' 47''

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