Carval, Tarek

Nation De La Boue

Editions Gravats GRVTS009
  • MC: Edition of 200 copies, housed in a frosted clamshell
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Next on the cultish Editions Gravats, Low Jack slashes and burns thru a stack of choice french hardtek and dutch/ german gabber selected by his partner in crime, Jean Carval.

Dissecting and then stewing the crusty scally sound of late ‘90s continental Europe in its own juices, the results are cooked up into 42 minutes of oblique, pulsating savagery bound to leave bits in your teeth.

Swallowing the raver’s spine whole and spitting out the marrow, Nation De La Boue is a severely warped take on an already severe sound, masticating the rotten entrails of classic Cavage and Hangars Liquids-associated acts - UHT, Saoulaterre, Yann Dub, Bambule, No Tek - and transforming them into a disfigured and contorted mind gurn laced with lysergic voices, mutated hyper- rhythms and K-holing trapdoors.

If you’ve never heard a 3m tall, 12m wide soundsystem play 200bpm hardcore at 7 in the morning, you basically haven’t lived. However, as that means 99% of folk are effectively just walking dead, this tape offers scant opportunity to actually grasp life by the short and curlies, provided you have the required soundsystem and an abandoned airfield to run amok at daft O’Clock. Although your bedroom and a battered boombox with functioning tape deck will definitely suffice, too.

Carval, Tarek: Nation De La Boue

Nation De La Boue (Face A) Carval Tarek 00' 00''
Nation De La Boue (Face B) Carval Tarek 00' 00''

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