As We Cup Our Hands and Drink From the Stream of Our Ache

Gilead Media RELIC091
  • LP: Includes download, wide spine jacket with printed inner sleeve, 24" x 36" folded poster
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The influences of Cavernlight are numerous and run deeply into different genres, but ultimately all of them have one thing in common... pain and suffering prevail. Whether they be doom, black metal, noise, dark post-rock or even inspiration from beloved singer-songwriters that have since been put to rest and whose sadness lives on eternally, each source of inspiration deals with a fundamental hurt. On this debut full length Cavernlight have finally found a comfortable, mature balance between their influences, inspiration, and intended narrative. Using these elements they have crafted an album of miserable doom laced with harsh tones and heart-piercing melodies.

“The blackness of Cavernlight's debut is a passionate, soul-rending, difficult listen." - Invisible Oranges

Cavernlight: As We Cup Our Hands and Drink From the Stream of Our Ache

Lay Your Woes Upon The Ground And Know That The End Will Soon Swallow You Cavernlight 7' 56''
Constructing A Spire To Pierce And Poison The Infinite Cavernlight 7' 14''
Wander, Part II Cavernlight 4' 07''
To Wallow In The Filth That Dwells Where Despair Is Born Cavernlight 7' 52''
A Shell Of One's Former Self Cavernlight 8' 31''

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