Cédric Stevens

Hanging In The Wires

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After a busy year collaborating with the likes of Fennesz (Sav on Bécs, eMego, 2014) and My Cat Is An Alien on triple LP ‘Abstractionism for the Ears’ (Opax records, 2014) Belgium experimental stalwart Cédric Stevens still finds time to complete a meditative LP of modular electronics, electric guitar and Indian Tambura.

Taking his trademark modular synths textures further into the ether zone, Stevens continues his flirtations between the fragile lines of noise and celestial drones, offering again another beautiful glimpse into his ongoing studio experiments at the Hermetic garage. After an introductory A side of modular synths, guitars and field recordings, the B side plunges the listener into a grandiose meditating raga piece entitled ‘Benares Crescent’. Based exclusively on recordings of an Indian Tambura and developed by Stevens over the last 5 years, 'Benares' swooshes through Indian drones evoking a sometimes wild others meditating, electrified Indian harmonic soundscape. The logical continuation of the Belgium 'school' of exploratory electronics. Fans of Baudouin Oosterlynck, Léo Kupper, Folke Rabe or Remko Scha take note!

Cédric Stevens: Hanging In The Wires

Lost in Graçac Cédric Stevens 12' 08''
Cadavre Exquis Cédric Stevens 11' 45''
Benares Crescent Cédric Stevens 14' 35''

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