Charlemagne Palestine

Ttuunneesszz Duh Rruunneesszz

Moog Recordings Library RDM103
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Charlemagne Palestine first started using electronic instruments in his music in the late 1960's. "Electronic instruments were very rare & exotic in the 1960's.There were Moogs around New York but they were only in universities who preciously guarded them from us young composers. So after all this time visiting The Moog Sound Lab is like a dream come true for have so many oscillators all singing together is a truly beautiful experience. I am so glad I am still around and able to be making music I first dreamt of 50 years ago". These two releases come from our second UK lab session & is the first Charlemagne Palestine Moog Sound Lab. All electronic long form drone works from an archive of six recordings.

Charlemagne Palestine: Ttuunneesszz Duh Rruunneesszz

Ttuunneesszz Duh Rruunneesszz (Opening) Charlemagne Palestine 00' 00''
Ttuunneesszz Duh Rruunneesszz (Closing) Charlemagne Palestine 00' 00''

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