Charnel Ground

Charnel Ground

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CHARNEL GROUND is a meeting of CHRIS BROKAW (COME, CODEINE, THE NEW YEAR, etc.) on electric guitar, JAMES MCNEW (YO LA TENGO, DUMP) on bass, and KID MILLIONS (ONEIDA, MAN FOREVER, etc.) on drums, dedicated to exploring the outer and inner regions of instrumental rock music. Charnel Ground was recorded in Brooklyn NY in 2016, and informed and dedicated to pivotal transitions.

Charnel Ground: Charnel Ground

Jimmy Charnel Ground 3' 30''
The High Price Charnel Ground 10' 08''
Playa De Ticia Charnel Ground 1' 38''
Skeleton Coast Charnel Ground 4' 49''
Charnel Ground Charnel Ground 17' 51''

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