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Saam Schlamminger, born 1966 in Istanbul. Until the age of 12 years, he lived in Iran, since then main residence is Munich.
A couple of visits at different musicians and teachers in Uzbekistan, Pakistan, Iran, New York and Paris for studying eastern rhythmics.
Specialized in the instruments Persic Zarb and Daf, which he alienates electricly.
Worldwide performances with artists of different styles, e.g. Susan Deyhim and the Notwist.
Consultant and director of several documentaries abroad (Iran, Benin, Kurdistan, France, central Asia).

Chronomad: Chronomad

Sard Chronomad 7' 09''
Sabs Chronomad 4' 26''
Sefid Chronomad 4' 19''
Siah Chronomad 5' 55''

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