Cindy Lee


W.25TH W25-03
  • LP: DL card incl. bonus track “Revelation”
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Cindy Lee is the brainchild of singer/guitarist Patrick Flegel. While some may know Flegel from his time spent in Canadian experimental indie band Women, Cindy Lee has spent the past four years crafting songs that push and pull in opposing directions – from tales of tragedy laced with haywire distortion to moments of breathtaking beauty.

On Malenkost, Flegel combines everything that makes Cindy Lee so essential: heart-wrenching romantic pleas, rough shards of noise and twilit ballads. Featuring the lo-fi pop single "A Message From The Aching Sky," Malenkost sounds like Deerhunter playing The Supremes or vice versa.

Superior Viaduct's imprint W.25TH presents the first of many Cindy Lee releases. Spectral and timeless, the music of Cindy Lee is hauntingly familiar yet of another plane, a magical collision of Brill Building hooks and uncompromising No Wave.

"Cindy Lee is intensely dark and cathartic, an eerie fever dream of fleeting, utterly heartbreaking classic girl-group melodies … one of the best things we have heard all year." – Gorilla vs. Bear

Cindy Lee: Malenkost

No Worth No Cost Cindy Lee 2' 00''
Always Lovers Cindy Lee 1' 21''
Hopeless In A Trance Cindy Lee 1' 16''
Cash Money Cindy Lee 1' 02''
I've Seen His Face Before Cindy Lee 55''
Gallows Smile Cindy Lee 41''
A Message From The Aching Sky Cindy Lee 2' 00''
Coroner Of The State Cindy Lee 2' 00''
Claim Of Vanity Cindy Lee 1' 22''
Prayer Of Baphomet Cindy Lee 2' 00''
Death Sentence Cindy Lee 1' 24''
Hash Angel Cindy Lee 40''

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