Claire M Singer

Trian: Recent Works

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  • 2LP: Gatefold sleeve, ltd. to 500 copies
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Two albums / works by Claire M Singer, recently released on CD - now collected on a 2LP. 'Solas', recorded by Iain Berryman at Union Chapel, London, 26-27th February 2016 on the organ built by Henry Willis in 1877 and 'Fairge', recorded by Clare Gallagher at Oude Kerk, Amsterdam, 12th June 2017 on the transept organ built by Ahrend & Brunzema (1965).

Claire M Singer: Trian: Recent Works

A Different Place Claire M Singer 6' 35''
Ceò Claire M Singer 5' 39''
Solas Claire M Singer 10' 50''
Diobaig Claire M Singer 4' 47''
Eilean Claire M Singer 11' 36''
Wrangham Claire M Singer 6' 47''
Aisir Claire M Singer 14' 46''
Fairge Claire M Singer 20' 54''

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