Class Actress


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Elizabeth Harper, a former drama major from Los Angeles, had been writing delicate, wistful songs of longing and detachment for several years when she met musician & psychoanalystin- training Mark Richardson in 2009 and asked him to remix one of her tracks. Their creative chemistry was instantaneous – Mark’s production style was cerebral but sensual, relying heavily on vintage synths and drum machines, and influenced by ‘80s bands like Human League and Depeche Mode while still conscious of modern club sounds steeped in hip hop and house. It perfectly complemented the melancholy undertone in Harper’s songs and revealed in them an urge towards ecstatic abandon.
The record is the soundtrack for a tragic love affair conducted in European discos and New York nightclubs, via smart phone disconnection and jet-lag disorientation, from within the dull opacity of luxurious hotel rooms and anti-anxiety medication. It’s the story of a relationship that's yearning to go another round. Harper's secrets and Richardson's beats liberate the listener and freedom reigns on the dance floor. This is sensual music about tragic romance and the eternal longing for what you can't have. Where Journal was the secret diary, Rapprocher is the love letter.

Class Actress is: Guilty Pleasure. NSA dance music. Casual Encounters. Stalker Pop. Depeche Mode meets early Madonna and Five Star as heard on the radio in the leather backseat of a cab!
Class Actress is not: Acting Class!

Class Actress: Rapprocher

Keep You Class Actress 3' 15''
Love Me Love Me Like You Used To Class Actress 3' 52''
Weekend Class Actress 4' 02''
Prove Me Class Actress 3' 52''
Limo Class Actress 4' 26''
All The Saints Class Actress 4' 24''
Bienvenue Class Actress 2' 58''
Missed Class Actress 4' 23''
Hanging On Class Actress 3' 16''
Let Me In Class Actress 4' 54''

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