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Serpens is the fourth full-length from Chicago duo Cleared, and their first after the trilogy of Cleared, Breaking Day and Drown. Containing three tracks, Serpens is a pure and succinct view of the sonic environment Steven Hess and Michael Vallera have crafted over the last eight years. Built from electric guitar, percussion, and a small array of electronics, each track represents a singular and filmic movement into the spectrum of instrumental composition. Intensely meditative, this release is a portrait of two artists who have quietly honed and nurtured a unique model of experimental music. After a silent period of three years, Cleared is proud to now offer their most controlled and severe release to date.

Mastered by Lawrence English. Edition of 300 on heavy grey stock with booklet and art card.

Cleared: Serpens

Serpens Cleared 19' 41''
Protection Bell Cleared 6' 40''
Red Cleared 12' 08''

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