The Weighing Of The Heart

Second Language SL023CD
  • CD: 8-page hardback book-size gatefold sleeve
  • LP: Includes download, gatefold 180gm vinyl, incl. 8 page lyric booklet
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"Breaking a 6-year-long discographical silence, my fourth album after 2007's Les Ondes Silencieuses, and the first one I made in my newly- adopted town of San Sebastián, Spain, during the epically rainy winter of 2012! My first time singing, playing percussion, and introducing the treble viola da gamba that became the key instrument on Captain of None! Also featured are my bass viola da gamba, classical guitar, clarinet, toy gamelan and piano. The track I produced last, "Breaking Up the Earth", paved the way for Captain of None in terms of production." - Colleen

Colleen: The Weighing Of The Heart

Push the Boat onto the Sand Colleen 4' 16''
Ursa Major Find Colleen 4' 07''
Geometría del Universo Colleen 2' 50''
Humming Fields Colleen 3' 28''
Break Away Colleen 1' 21''
Going Forth by Day Colleen 4' 19''
The Moon like a Bell Colleen 1' 19''
Raven Colleen 4' 06''
Moonlit Sky Colleen 5' 09''
Breaking Up the Earth Colleen 3' 47''
The Weighing of the Heart Colleen 4' 43''

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