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One of the most treasured French minimal wave records is back on vinyl (and first time on CD!)

Comix, a duo of guitarist/composer André Demay and DJ/singer Natan Hercberg, are a one album project. Their first single “Touche Pas Mon Sexe”, recorded in 1979, has been refused by several record companies, but duo finally found home on French branch of Virgin. They released two singles and one full length LP in 1981, and appeared on “BIPPP: French Synth-Wave 1979/85” compilation a few decades later. The music was composed by André with a legendary Roland TR-808 (Marvin Gaye, Kraftwerk and Afrika Bambaataa used the same drum machine for their hits at the same time). Natan wrote the lyrics, filling comic speech bubbles. Their production was somewhat different to mainstream “nouvelle vague” artists: much more positive and ironic than their chart mates. However, Comix didn’t have much success with their songs in 80s, but was rediscovered in 21st century with the strong interest in original minimal wave/coldwave artists. Here they are again, young and bold, as nearly 40 years ago.

Comix: Comix

Walkman Video Comix 4' 06''
L'Amour C'est Magique Comix 3' 33''
Le Jeu De La Verite Comix 4' 08''
Touche Pas Mon Sexe Comix 3' 13''
L'ete De Mes 14 Ans Comix 3' 14''
Top Model Comix 4' 41''
Toi Et Le Petit Prince Comix 3' 55''
L'amour Gratuit Comix 3' 16''
Pomme D'api Comix 4' 18''

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