Compound Eye

Journey Into Anywhere

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Compound Eye is Drew McDowall (formerly of Coil) and Tres Warren (Psychic Ills and Messages).
'Journey From Anywhere' is their second long-player release following 'Origin of Silence', an art edition LP on The Spring Press label. This double lp features 4 sides of improvised electronics that lead the listener into the dark recesses of the duo's subterranean explorations. Each of these works move at a slow and considered pace, gradually unfolding into a transportive blur of dark psychedelic minimalism.

Like elements of Coil long form works this is a music which has the potential to melt time, open space and create a flowing web of liquid memory. A sublime record for those who like music that encourages travel.

Artwork by Stephen O’Malley

Compound Eye: Journey Into Anywhere

Foehn Compound Eye
Archaic Atmosphere Compound Eye
The Hydraulic Regime Vibrates from Within Compound Eye
Journey Into Anywhere Compound Eye
Open Interval 1 Compound Eye
Cosmic Exhaust / The Selector (Cut-up composition) Compound Eye
Open Interval 2 Compound Eye
The Outer Sphere Compound Eye

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