Discography 2010 - 2012

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Hospital Productions collect some of the strongest coldwave pop dirges of a generation in Contrepoison’s Discography 2010-2012 survey, wrapping up both his self-released tapes and releases for Dominick Fernow’s cherished imprint.

Since the late ‘90s, Que´be´cois musician and noise artist Pierre Marc-Tremblay has been recognised as a vital force in nether musical realms with a palette ranging from hermetic black metal (Akitsa) to the bitterest rhythmic noise (A^mes Sanglantes), and, more recently, the nerve- bitingly melodic pop of Contrepoison, whose I Keep On Searching 12” - included here - is a dead firm fixture ‘round these parts.

Arriving at the vanguard of a new slew of coldwave revisionists and fetishists in 2010, his music stood, and still stands, head and shoulders above the rest thanks to an incessant drive and directness that can’t be ignored by anyone into the original stuff, or who has arrived via the sound’s prevailing, contemporary winds.

Vacillating belting vocal pop arrangements with howling, stygian instrumentals of synth, guitar and enslaved drum machines, Discography 2010-2012 drags a perfectly malformed body of work, cycling chronologically from the pounding mix of industrial kicks and neofolk cadence of ...Until Next Morning’s amazing title cut to the blank-eyed dirge of To Never, Forever, before taking in the stomping Deserted Story from his 2011 split with Vatican Shadow, and committing the frankly fxcking addictive hits of I Keep On Searching, best summed up in that raging, glam title tune and sandwiched with aces from the compilation Around The Dragon’s Broken Neck Hangs the Medal of Saint Lazarus.

It only gets more wonderfully bombed out and crestfallen from therein, from the plangent siren call of Nectar of Destiny to the exclusive instrumental, The Moon Has Mad The Eclipse, and a grip of killers off The Thunders Which Collide tape, including the raging banger The Thunders Which Collide and another cut exclusive to this set in the T2-finale-esque instrumental, As The Blazing Sun Enters Scorpio.

Basically, it’s riddled with memorable hooks and rages like a wounded beast trapped down a well. You’ll know within seconds whether you love it or not, and we definitely fall in the former category.

Contrepoison: Discography 2010 - 2012

Until Next Morning Contrepoison
The Snake Has Bitten It's Tail Contrepoison
Heartbeat Contrepoison
To Never, Forever Contrepoison
A Deserted Story Contrepoison
I Keep On Searching Contrepoison
Poisonous Desires Contrepoison
In Love With Mars, At War With Love Contrepoison
A Soviet Ordeal Contrepoison
Every Dream I Have Is About You Contrepoison
No Need To Dream Contrepoison
Nectar Of Destiny Contrepoison
The Moon Has Made The Eclipse Contrepoison
Braving Through The Storms Contrepoison
The Thunders Which Collide Contrepoison
Of Greenery & Quietness Contrepoison
As The Blazing Sun Enters Scorpio Contrepoison

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